Bee-eater Survey – Jan. 2001

Please return to Marcia Arland at [email protected] or
Department of Ornithology
WCS/Bronx Zoo
2300 Southern Blvd.
Bronx, NY 10460

1. Please list sexes and species of bee-eaters currently held at your institution.

2. Note method and company used to sex your birds.

3. Describe how your birds are banded and discuss any band problems you have had.

4. Please describe your bee-eater diet, including use of beehives, other live food, coloring agents, supplements.

5. Please describe your bee-eater exhibits and holding spaces in detail – dimensions, inside or outside, water areas, species exhibited together, etc.

6. Describe any reproductive activity observed and time of year of occurrence.

7. Describe parent-rearing behaviors and procedures when young are present (incubation periods, diet offered, frequency of feeding by adults, fledging information), and/or artificial incubation and hand-rearing information.

8. Have you seen any aggressive behaviors in your birds and in what context? Any other interesting social behaviors observed?

9. Please discuss any acclimation and/or medical problems you have had with your birds.

10. Feel free to add anything else you consider pertinent to bee-eater husbandry.