Coraciiformes TAG

Coraciiformes TAG: Bee-Eaters

While there are 24 species of bee-eaters found around the world, only three are kept by zoological facilities within the Association of Zoos and Aquariums. Even these three species (Carmine Bee-eater, White-fronted Bee-eater, and White-throated Bee-eater) are held in very small numbers and bred infrequently. No species of bee-eater is currently managed as a SSP through the Coraciiformes TAG. Most species are found in Africa and Asia but others occur in southern Europe, Australia, and New Guinea. They are characterised by richly coloured plumage, slender bodies, and usually elongated central tail feathers. As the name suggests, bee-eaters predominantly eat flying insects, especially bees and wasps, which are caught in the air by sallies from an open perch.

Meropidae (Bee-eaters)

Red-bearded Bee-eater
(Nyctyornis amictus)

Blue-bearded Bee-eater
(Nyctyornis athertoni)

Purple-bearded Bee-eater
(Meropogon forsteni)

Carmine Bee-eater
(Merops nubicus)

Blue-headed Bee-eater
(Merops muelleri)

Black Bee-eater
(Merops gularis)

Swallow-tailed Bee-eater
(Merops hirundineus)

Little Bee-eater
(Merops pusillus)

Blue-breasted Bee-eater
(Merops variegatus)

Cinnamon-chested Bee-eater
(Merops oreobates)

Red-throated Bee-eater
(Merops bulocki)

White-fronted Bee-eater
(Merops bullockoides)

Somali Bee-eater
(Merops revoilii)

White-throated Bee-eater
(Merops albicollis)

Böhm's Bee-eater
(Merops boehmi)

Little Green Bee-eater
(Merops orientalis)

Blue-cheeked Bee-eater
(Merops persicus)

Olive Bee-eater
(Merops superciliosus)

Blue-tailed Bee-eater
(Merops philippinus)

Rainbow Bee-eater
(Merops ornatus)

Blue-throated Bee-eater
(Merops viridis)

European Bee-eater
(Merops apiaster)

Rosy Bee-eater
(Merops malimbicus)

Black-headed Bee-eater
(Merops breweri)