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Red-billed Hornbill (Tockus erythrorhynchus)
SSP Manager: Maureen Cleary - Sacramento Zoo

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Prefers open savannah, woodlands, and thorny scrub, especially trees such as Acacia and Combretum. Range may be extended into more arid and mountainous areas by certain subspecies. Elevations have been recorded to 2100 meters in northern Ethiopia. The overall territory size is estimated at 10ha, with an estimated 50 ha/pair.






Almost all of the food is obtained on the ground and consists primarily of insects, especially beetles and their larvae. Grasshoppers, termites, ants, crickets, scorpions, centipedes, and fly larvae are also consumed. Small vertebrates such as geckos, scavenged dead rodents, and chicks from nests are also included in the diet. A small amount of fruit is consumed during the summer months.

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